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March 2021

Hey Nimbus Customers,

We are here to help you answer the million dollar question: Do cats prefer fish or chicken? To learn the answer, watch Jared’s awesome demo on how we can use the Nimbus workflow to easily launch and run experiments.

In the meantime, do you have any million dollar questions about your product you’d like the answer for? Let’s work together on making sure we can help you answer those using Nimbus.

Other updates and improvements we’ve made over the last month:

  • ⏭️ Remember that one time you clicked Next and accidentally lost your public description summary? We’ve now changed the button to Save & Continue so you no longer have to worry about losing your data.

  • ⏳ All the experiment end dates now use a “computed” end date, which means that before the experiment officially ends we use the duration to determine when it should end. Now you can rely on our progress bar to give you the right date for when your experiment will be complete.

  • 🔚 You can now also end experiments within the interface and you no longer have to ping us to help you end them.

  • 📑 The Design page is dead, long live the Summary page. They are one and the same now, and all Experiment pages have a sidebar now as a result. Don’t forget you can click through all these at any point while you’re designing your experiment.

We have new Timeline badges for Enrollment Active, Ended, and Experiment Ending, so you’re never confused again about what the state of your experiment is!

Enjoy your long weekends,

Nimbus team!

P.S: Let us know what you think the experiment results will be, will cats prefer fish or chicken? Stay tuned for our next monthly newsletter to find out the answer to the mystery!

If you have feedback on this newsletter, please contact Ana

-- Ana Medinac Application Services PM Toronto