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April 2021

Hey there Nimbus customers,

Welcome to the April edition of the What’s New-sletter! This month, we have some exciting updates on the Nimbus console.

Reducing Friction in Nimbus

You can now QA and launch experiments by only setting up one experiment recipe! You no longer have to copy and paste the same experiment from the stage to production, which makes it quicker for you to test and launch your experiments.

Your experiments can now also be approved and rejected all from within Nimbus. If you’re interested in more ways that the console team has reduced friction, please check out Les’ demo.

Visualizations in Nimbus

We have added outcomes to Nimbus! "What are outcomes?" you might ask. Outcomes are a collection of metrics associated with product telemetry, and now you include them in your experiment results. This collection of metrics can be used to comment on the success of your feature and product. Tim breaks it down in more detail in this demo.

Curious to see what the results are looking like before the experiment ends? We have added the ability to view early un-official results for live experiments.

Other improvements include adding branch descriptions, and tooltips to metrics so you can easily remind yourself what each of your branches represents, and how each metric is calculated. For more information on our visualization updates, Marina has shared a demo with us today.

Where can I read more about Nimbus? Our new documentation repository.

Want more information but unsure where to get it? Check out our new documentation hub. Our doc hub is for engineers, product managers, data scientists, and anyone curious about how to run experiments using Nimbus. Best of all? The hub is search friendly! Watch Lauren walk you through how to use the doc hub and all the features in this demo.

Have a lovely Monday and rest of the week everyone.

Cheers, The Nimbus team.

-- Ana Medinac Application Services PM Toronto