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Experiment Sizing Command-line Interface

The sample size calculation functionality contained in the Mozanalysis library is accessible via a command-line interface (CLI), auto-sizing. This CLI is intended to enable rapid analyses for simple experiments or experiments with targeting similar to past experiments.

Sizing job configuration

The sizing CLI relies on a local TOML file to configure the job. This TOML file contains the metrics, segments, and parameters used to carry out the analysis. Sample sizes based on these parameters are calculated using the mozanalysis.frequentist_stats.sample_size.z_or_t_ind_sample_size_calc method. Note that segments in Mozanalysis refer to the filters used to identify clients that will satisfy targeting for an experiment (whereas segments in Jetstream denote groups of clients to examine during post-hoc analysis).

TOML file layout

The TOML configuration file must contain a metrics, data_sources, segments, and segments.data_sources section, each containing the definitions for those of interest for the experiments. The definition of each of these follows the same patterns as Jetstream, and details on how to define your own inside of the TOML file can be found here.

The TOML file can also contain references to metrics, segments, data sources, and segment data sources that are already contained in metric-hub. To reference these pre-defined objects, an import_from_metric_hub list can be included in the TOML file. For instance, to import the active_hours metric for Firefox Desktop, the following is included in the TOML config file:

firefox_desktop = ["active_hours"]

A parameters section in the TOML file is used to define the data collection period for the analysis and the parameters used to calculate sample sizes. This section consists of two subsections: parameters.sizing and parameters.dates:

  1. parameters.sizing: Contains two tags, power and effect_size. These tags should contain lists of values for each parameter, and a sample size will be calculated for all metrics provided in the TOML file for each combination of power and effect size in those lists.
  2. parameters.dates: Contains the start_date (in "%Y-%m-%d" format, e.g. "2023-01-01"), num_dates_enrollment, and analysis_length values. For details on how those values are used to query historical data, see the Mozanalysis documentation.

CLI commands

The sizing CLI is invoked using the command auto_sizing run. The following options are available at invocation:

--project_id, --project-idBigQuery project to write metrics table to
--dataset_id, --dataset-idBigQuery dataset to write metrics table to
--bucketGCP bucket to write output JSON to. If not provided, JSON will be saved to the same directory as the config TOML
--target_slugName for the experiment. Used when naming metrics table and output file
--local_configPath to the configuration TOML file

CLI output

Results for experiment sizing are saved in JSON format. If a GCP bucket is provided in the --bucket option at invocation, this JSON file is saved in a sample_sizes folder in that bucket. If no bucket is provided, the JSON results are saved to the same folder as the TOML configuration file.

The results JSON will include an entry for each combination of power and effect size provided in the config file. Each of these has an entry for each metric, where the required population percent and sample size per branch to achieve that power with that effect size is recorded. A final tag is included with a parameters dictionary, storing the power and effect size values. The following example shows the results for a sizing job with the metrics uri_count and active_hours:

{"Power0.8EffectSize0.01": {
"uri_count": {"sample_size_per_branch": 475269, "population_percent_per_branch": 6.25},
"active_hours": {"sample_size_per_branch": 327233, "population_percent_per_branch": 4.3},
"parameters": {"power": 0.8, "effect_size": 0.01}},
"Power0.8EffectSize0.02": {
"uri_count": {"sample_size_per_branch": 118817, "population_percent_per_branch": 1.56},
"active_hours": {"sample_size_per_branch": 81808, "population_percent_per_branch": 1.08},
"parameters": {"power": 0.8, "effect_size": 0.02}}}