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Hi Nimbus customers,

Through June and early July, in addition to some great time away for Wellness Week and holidays, we’ve been hard at work making improvements to Nimbus. Here are some of our Release 91 updates:

James joined the Firefox All Hands Mobile meeting this month to demo the preview workflow. Check out James’ demo and slides to learn more.

We’re making changes on Nimbus to improve your overall experience. We are now calculating the actual enrollment and duration period, instead of relying on expected values. We have also added anchors on branches so you can easily send them. Jody’s demo goes over all the improvements. Pro tip: watch till the end, there might be some bloopers😁.

Did you notice that the Nimbus review page and the summary page were almost the same? We noticed too, so we combined the two pages together! Watch Lauren’s demo to see all the details of the new combined page.

You want to continue enrolling users but your enrollment is ending? Don’t worry, we’ve now updated enrollments so that you have the flexibility of being able to end them manually, whenever you need to. Les’ demo runs you through the entire workflow of ending enrollment.

Questions about your Nimbus experiment? Ask your questions in #ask-experimenter on Slack or sign up for the next Experiment Lightning Advising session for help. Learn more about Experiment Lightning advising, including when the sessions occur, in the meeting agenda.

Wish you could do something on Nimbus but the feature isn’t there? We’ve created a new Jira ticket template specific for customer requests. File your requests by going to this link, selecting “EXP Request” or “User Request” under Ticket Type, and providing the required details in the following screen. We review these requests regularly to assess for future feature work.

Hope you enjoy the Nimbus updates. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Have a great weekend.

Cheers from the Nimbus team!

-- Ana Medinac Application Services PM Toronto