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Is there a straightforward way to get the results from an experiment programmatically? Like a JSON object or something that I could convert into a dataframe?


Yes. Results are available in bigquery and GCS, though what you see in Experimenter has been transformed a bit.

Daily, weekly and overall results are in this bucket as JSON (you may need to request permission to access this data):

Example query:

from jetstream.bigquery_client import BigQueryClient
PROJECT_ID = ‘moz-fx-data-experiments’
DATASET_ID = ‘mozanalysis’
client = BigQueryClient(PROJECT_ID, DATASET_ID)
df = client.table_to_dataframe(‘statistics_<slug>_overall_1’)

If you already have mozanalysis set up, here's another example query:

slug = "device-migration-new-user-onboarding-pt-2".replace("-", "_")
results_query = f"""
FROM `moz-fx-data-experiments.mozanalysis.statistics_{slug}_overall_1`
results_df = bq_context.run_query(results_query).to_dataframe()