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What's New in Nimbus March 2023


Nimbus now supports edits for live rollouts! This allows owners to make changes to the population percentage and publish them. See our rollouts deep-dive for more info!

Nimbus Gradle Plugin

The Nimbus gradle plugin has been moved from Android Components to Application Services. Updated information for utilizing the plugin can be found here.

Testing tooling

For injecting experimental feature configurations for integration tests, we now have the following:

  • Added a malformedConfiguration event for app features to report bad configurations.
  • Added a record_past_event method to test display triggers based on the event store.


We’re in the last stretch of QA for adding a notification surface to the Nimbus Messaging system on Android (thank you @twhite and @mheres). For iOS, the survey surface has landed (thank you to @yrios and @roux).

More exciting changes coming next month!