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Nimbus Features

Nimbus is a full-featured experimentation platform that provides configuration, analysis and client libraries for both experiments and rollouts.

Experimenter Console

Multiple language Client integrations

  • Android (Kotlin)
  • iOS (Swift)
  • Firefox Desktop Frontend (JS)
  • Firefox Platform (C++)

Client-side functionality

  • Consumer opt-out
  • Integration with console preview testing
  • View experiments (about:studies)

Current client integrations

  • Firefox Desktop
    • Frontend via JS SDK
    • Platform
    • Windows installer
  • Firefox Mobile via Nimbus-SDK Rust Component
    • Fenix
    • Firefox iOS
    • Focus Andriod
    • Focus iOS

Current feature support

Requesting feature support

If you aren't sure we have what you need, pop into #ask-experimenter with your questions or file an issue