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Debugging an experiment from experimenter locally

Trying to iterate on an experiment in Preview on can be painful, because even after you change something and post to preview, you have a wait a while for the updated recipe to be propagated to the CDN.

Enable Nimbus debugging

  • In about:config, set:
    • nimbus.debug to true

Enable the Browser Toolbox

  • In about:config, set:
    • to true
    • devtools.debugger.remote-enabled to true

Prepare a few things:

  • Load about:studies and unenroll this profile from anything that might interfere
  • On the Experimenter page for your experiment, select the contents of the Recipe JSON field from the Details tab, and copy it into your Copy/Paste buffer

Do the Enrollment

  • Open Tools > Browser Tools > Browser Toolbox
  • Switch to the browser console
  • In the input area, do the following:
    • const branchSlug = 'treatment-a'; // or whatever branch you want
    • let recipe = paste_recipe_json_here ;
    • const { ExperimentManager: em } = ChromeUtils.importESModule("resource://nimbus/lib/ExperimentManager.sys.mjs");
    • let branch = recipe.branches.find(b => b.slug == branchSlug);
    • em.forceEnroll(recipe, branch);

Reload about:studies, and you should see the experiment