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Debugging Targeting expressions

How to enable ASRouter devtools

  • In about:config, set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.devtoolsEnabled to true
  • Visit about:newtab#devtools-targeting to see the devtools (you need to copy-paste this manually to navigate).

Overview of ASRouter devtools

Devtools image


Available targeting attributes are documented in firefox-source-docs.

Inside the textarea targeting expressions can be written and evaluated using the Evaluate button.

Targeting expressionStatusResultObservation
Correctly formatted JEXL expression

Depends on the truth value of the expression
Correctly formatted JEXL expression
referencing unknown variables
Empty resultUsing unknown variables is an error, result is neither true nor false
JEXL expression with syntax error<ERR_MSG>Full error message is shown

Builtin functions and examples

The full list of available functions can be seen in FilterExpressions.jsm.

A JEXL function is called using the | operator followed by the function name, example: [1,2,3]|length == 3.

  • Any preference can be read using |prefValue
  • An array of objects can be filtered by key value
topFrecentSites // An array of objects with `frequency` and `host` names

topFrecentSites[.frecency > 9000] // returns an array containing only those objects with frequency over 9000
  • [1,2,3] intersect [3,4,5] => [3]
  • [{a:1, type:"foo"}, {b:2, type:"bar"}]|mapToProperty("type") => ["foo", "bar"]
  • Date casting
// Is the profile older than 7 days
(currentDate | (date - profileAgeCreated)) / 86400000 > 7;
  • 1 in [1,2,3] => true
  • "JEXL expression"|regExpMatch("\w+") => ["JEXL"]