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Local configuration for natural enrollments


Preferences to set in Firefox

  • nimbus.debug: True
  • app.normandy.run_interval_seconds: 30
  • services.settings.server: http://localhost:8888/v1

Note: You can also use the remote-settings-devtools add-on to control some of these but the app.normandy.run_interval_seconds preference must still be set.

Instructions for Nimbus

  1. Set the above preferences within Firefox
  2. Create a desktop experiment with the following settings
    • A desktop feature
    • No advanced targeting
    • All Locales
    • All Regions
    • Percent of clients: 100%
    • Expected Number of Clients: 1 (or any number above 0)
  3. Request Launch and Approve the experiment in Remote Settings
  4. Open the Browser Console to view the logs from “RSLoader” (RemoteSettingsExperimentLoader.Jsm)

There should be log outputs of the RSLoader reading from remote settings and showing the JEXL evaluations being attempted. Eventually the experiment you created should be loaded and evaluated. If you are enrolled into a study with the same feature, the new experiment will not be allowed to enroll. 5. Check about:telemetry for an event that looks like this

  • Enrollment
    normandy  enroll    nimbus_experiment <name-of-experiment>
  • Unenrollment
    normandy  unenroll  nimbus_experiment <name-of-experiment>


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