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Experiment Owners

For an overview of experiment lifecycle, See Experiment Workflow Overview

After you've prepared your experiment brief, entering the info into the Nimbus/experimenter console should not take a long time. The role of experiment owner is most frequently played by a Product Manager, though others may act in this capacity. Please follow the Getting Started: Product Manager guidance before using Nimbus/experimenter for the first time. If it is your first time - feel free to ask for a "shadow" in #ask-experimenter. A "shadow" is an experienced experiment buddy to answer questions on zoom while you fill out your first experimenter form.

Experimenter is intended to be flexible and simple to use by allowing users to:

  • Save pages, leave the console, and come back to it later without having lost any of their information.
    • Go back and forth between all pages through the sidebar, without having to have completed the page completely.
  • Edit or modify all information while your experiment is in Draft state.
  • Put your experiment into Preview mode for QA and self-testing