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Paths and URLs

In several places paths to link one .fml.yaml file to another.

For convenience, we should use the conventions around URLs used in Carthage and npm package managers:

  • a relative path must use / as a separator
  • a relative path may use ./ and ../ in their prefixes
  • an absolute URL may be used, but this must start with https://
  • a Github repository may be specified with a prefix of @.
    • e.g. @mozilla/nimbus-shared expands to

Hint: The rules of the URL construction would be a good place to consider local development and branches.

When invoked in conjunction with the repo-file argument, these @ paths may be overriden:

Remapping @ prefixes with repo-files

nimbus-fml generate --repo-file v102.0.json input.fml.yaml output-dir

A v102.0.json may look like:

"mozilla-mobile/android-components": "releases/102.0",
"mozilla/application-services": "v93.1.0"

A path to @mozilla-mobile/android-components/components/messaging/nimbus.fml.yaml would resolve to

Defining local paths are useful for working with multiple repos at a time. A local-dependencies.json may look like this:

"mozilla-mobile/android-components": "../android-components",
"mozilla/application-services": "../application-services"

Defining local paths is also useful for imposing structure on a complicated filesystem. e.g. an app-structure.json file may look like

"my/messaging": "./Messaging/nimbus-manifests",
"my/onboarding": "./Onboarding/nimbus-manifests"

Multiple repo files

The nimbus-fml command line can accept multiple repo-files at a time, resolving @ links as it goes.

nimbus-fml generate --repo-file ./app-structure.json --repo-file @mozilla-mobile/dependency-versions/v102.0.json --language swift ./input.fml.yaml output-dir

The fetch command

The FML command line interface includes a fetch command to help build intuition around how these paths work.

nimbus-fml fetch @mozilla/application-services/Cargo.toml

It takes a single INPUT file, and any number of --repo-file options and outputs the file (if found) to stdout.

In this case, the file will be from

Using the repo file from above, the command

nimbus-fml fetch --repo-file v102.0.json @mozilla/application-services/Cargo.toml

would fetch from