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Instrumentation Guide

The nimbus-cli is a tool to communicate with the Nimbus SDK that is embedded in an app.

Adding new applications

Adding a new app to the cli is less straightforward, but not hard. You should start collecting the following information:

For all apps:

  • the app_name according to Experimenter.
  • the names of the channels for the app, according to Experimenter.
  • the Github repo for the app
  • the location of the app's FML file within the Github repo.
  • the mapping between version names and branch names.
  • the Remote Settings collection names for both production and preview.

For Android:

  • the package name, for each channel
  • the main activity name.
  • the deep link scheme, for each channel

For iOS:

  • the app identifier, for each channel
  • the deep link scheme, for each channel

Once you have collected these, you should either talk to the Nimbus Team, or open a PR against the project.